Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : Why Is This So Unbearable?

Episode 12

Dōshite Konna ni Mijime nan desu ka” (どうしてこんなにみじめなんですか)

The story has settled and we are currently about to enter a lecture on the liberation of the Magical Girls whilst also maybe about to find out how Yachiyo is connected to every other Magical Girl after the events of a year ago…

Just maybe.

This was by far the most interesting episode of the entire series.

It served not only as a flashback to what happened to Yachiyo but also as a reminder of the lore of Magical Girls in this universe including the horrifying fact that they turn into Witches as well as a look at what it is Touka, the other girl that was in the hospital with Iroha’s sister, is doing.

I loved the way the episode was laid out.

We ended up taking some kind of Willy Wonka tour of Yachiyo’s memories, the whole episode was set up like a lesson being taught to the girls and that lesson was part “what is Magical Girls” and part “what happened to Yachiyo”.

It also managed to be pretty dramatic and emotional with one death to hit home that if a Grief Seed is destroyed then the person it belongs to will die as well as seeing another character turn into a Witch when her seed became murky. It was a eye opener for the girls who had to learn that what they are fighting isn’t some strange creature here destroying their world but in fact girls who had turned into Witches.

Not only that but it felt like we’re kind of being told that the Wings of Magius actually reach out further then we think.

I don’t really get the Doppel thing but I guess whatever it is isn’t as good as Touka makes it out to be, the girl is trying to act like she’s going to free the Magical Girls from the fate of becoming Witches or dying but I feel like it is very obvious that she isn’t doing that. For a start I didn’t really get it, they kept saying that Mifuyu had been liberated but she very much looks like she is still in the same situation as all the other girls.

All of this set up kind of makes me feel like we aren’t going to get a decent end to the series. It really felt too big for the conclusion to end in the next episode so I’m guess we’re getting a second series or that they hope they will get one because honestly if it just ends in the next episode I very much believe that it will be super disappointing.

Not only that but I’ve only just kinda got used to the characters so I don’t really want the next episode to just be the end really. It took its time getting us introduced to the main party as it were to then lose them all in the next episode would feel pretty cheap.

That being said I’m so uninterested in the main story and the main character I’m not sure I can be bothered to care for another series.

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