Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : Each Other’s Existence!

Episode 11

Sorezore no Sanzai!” (それぞれの存在!)

Things aren’t looking so good for the Eizouken right now. The Council and teachers aren’t happy with them, Asakusa can’t concentrate and with Kanamori losing control you can only imagine what state they could end up in.

I honestly think this episode was worth the last one.

In one way it was a episode like any other but on the other hand it also taught the importance of enjoying the work you do as well as kids allowing themselves to be kids from time to time and adults to relax and not be so focused on work.

After taking a break and going on a adventure it was easier for Asakusa to come up with the final plans for her story and we ended up getting something actually quite amazing with Kappas and using the fact that so much of their city is underwater to make a interesting story about coexisting with others no matter how different they seem from us.

Even things like the ongoing battle about funds and selling their stuff being hand waved away a little was worth it.

Not only that but I think it was again important to see Kanamori be human, getting so wound up and then the trek through the sunken roads was enough to leave her in bed with no energy and it was nice to see her chill and have to just take what is happening around her.

There wasn’t a whole bunch to this episode, it explained how Asakusa and Kanamori became friends, gave us the basic outline of what is going to happen in the anime and had a nice moment where they all went exploring which actually was pretty much what happened in the last episode too. That didn’t stop it being a great episode but it felt like the link from episode 10 into episode 12 and I feel in some ways these three episodes need to be viewed together for their true impact to be felt.

I can’t say for certain as whilst writing this obviously I haven’t seen the final episode but it gives off a three parter feel more then it does individual episodes.

This one raised the last one to be actually a very interesting story in hindsight and I feel the finale is going to do the same. We’ll see what all the work was for, get our final glimpse of the talent of the group whilst also having the usual last minute problems, this time the music track being wrong, that the club always faces and maybe even get the recognition they deserve for being smart about how to create funds so they can create their art.

Honestly can’t wait.

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