Infinite Dendrogram : King of Destruction

Episode 12

Hakaiō” (破壊王)

Ray has defeated the RSK, Ray also is kind of injured and burnt out all his armour. Whether or not he will be able to defeat Franklin is a totally different matter.

What I really liked about this episode is that whilst Ray still came over as being a hero he didn’t actually do anything on his own.

With Hugo finally seeing Franklin for who he truly is the Masters and Rook were able to get out to the battlefield and help stop the horde of suicidal monsters that Franklin had let loose to destroy the entire town. Even then it was Shu showing up and announcing himself as the King of Destruction, the player with the highest kill count in Altar, that turned the tide of the battle.

In fact it is Franklin himself that at the end points out that each plan was destroyed by someone bigger and better then the last. Ray taking out Plan A, Marie taking out Plan B and finally Shu taking out Plan C so he turns his thoughts on his Final Weapon.

This episode wasn’t much to talk about, if we talk in game terms it was like grinding on a huge mob.

Some really cool battle scenes, nice to see players coming together and a great reveal of Shu that we kind of already knew was coming anyway. There was also the very obvious giant hint that Franklin is Hugo’s sister which I kind of guessed in the last episode when Franklin told Hugo to call him Leader just as Hugo was going to call him by his real name but it was nice to have the very clear hints of that in this episode.

Shu’s reveal wasn’t really anything to talk about either.

We already knew he was a Superior and that he was super strong, his story has been all over the place but it was obvious from the beginning that what he was truly hiding was that he was a top class player, which makes sense after what Ray told us about him a few episodes ago.

It isn’t even really setting up from something mega amazing, I feel the Final Weapon whilst maybe giving them some difficulty won’t be all that hard.

So like most of this series it started off really amazing and is kind of sizzling out towards the end which is a shame but also maybe obvious when they had five or so episodes to spread this entire thing out over.

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