Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : Memory Museum at 3:00PM

Episode 11

Yakusoku wa Gogo-san-ji, Kioku Myūjiamu nite” (約束は午後三時、記憶ミュージアムにて

The last episode was actually pretty good but as I’ve forgotten half the characters and their own unique story…. Actually forget that… I never really knew any of the characters or could tell them apart that well it will be hard moving on and not having a episode focused on the one character I feel they made unique enough to tell apart from the others.

Another thing that makes this show a little inaccessible is if you are like some people I know and don’t watch after the end credits, because it is rare in our media to have anything after the credits finish rolling, you might miss important bits of information they dole out for no reason other then I guess to get you to sit through the credits.

If there is a actual REASON for this I’d like to know as it seems odd to have such a huge chunk of important information AFTER the episode has technically finished.

Episode 10 told us that one of the girls who had been hospitalised with Iroha’s sister was actually now a member of Wings of Magius. That girl is Nemu and she instantly becomes the person of interest for the group… Well Iroha. I’m not sure how much the others really are into searching for her lost sister.

The show has kind of calmed down a bunch and whilst I can’t really remember which of these, if any, were the original group that Iroha was working with I at least kind of now feel like I’m getting used to the group that have been created.

It is still their day to day lives that I find much more interesting and having a much more chill episode would have been nice.

This episode felt like it had a Witch in it purely for the sake of it.

We didn’t even get to see the fight it just kind of started and next thing they were out having bought what they went shopping for. It just seemed a waste and it would have just been nice to have had some bonding so that we got fully behind the team before the finale. With two episodes to go there is still way too many characters, way too many stories going on and not enough for us to really care about the characters.

This episode felt a little easier to follow over all though, Iroha going to Wings of Magius to find Nemu and being followed by her friends, Mifuyu winding up Yachiyo to the point she retreats into her shell again and even giving us the hint that SOMETHING about Yachiyo’s past links all Magical Girls was easy to understand and made me interested in where the final few episodes are going to go with this story.

It is just a shame that most episodes and the series as a whole come over as being more muddled up then it needs to be.

Sometimes it honestly feels like it has a check list of how many words, weird things, Labyrinth’s and so on and so forth they have to cram into a episode and in the end it just got on top of me and I got so lost. At least I’m following the story pretty well right now.

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