Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : Against Our Independent World!

Episode 10

Dokuji Sekai no Tairitsu!” (独自世界の対立!)

It has been a while since I caught up with  probably my absolute favourite series of this season but we’re here for the final three episodes of Keep Your Hands off Eizouken and it looks like as always everyone is out to upset Kanamori.

If it isn’t people complaining about the way the club is run then it is Asakusa and her inability to keep her mind on the job.

I got a little lost on whether Asakusa was actually working on the anime they are producing currently or if she had come up with about 20 different anime during the episode but as always it was fun seeing how she sees the world whilst she works. I know that was the point and we were meant to watch as Kanamori lost her temper slowly with Asakusa but for the first time I felt like it kind of distracted us too much from the main story right now.

Maybe it was the gap in watching the episodes but I just felt like some of this episode felt more like filler then anything else.

I guess one reason might be that it isn’t interesting to have the same things happen every time they work on a new anime but at the same time I kind of was a little disappointed if I’m honest. Not in the show itself but how slow the episode felt and how disjointed. I could never get a grasp on what the hell was going on with Asakusa and felt like it just didn’t work her getting her own way.

Not only that but the entire bit at the end with the gear thing she created and especially the like near minute long clip of watching Doumeki watching sound waves just all felt like a waste of space.

We have a pretty interesting story running with the student council once more out for blood, Kanamori once more upsetting teachers and everyone around them and their work having to be the thing that puts them up there over everyone else. This time though it is suffering from Asakusa not actually doing her job at all. They still have no story so what everyone is working on I don’t know.

That being said it was nice to jump back into the story, I love the characters so much and their interactions are always interesting.

Kanamori remains probably the best character in a anime I’ve ever seen, I honestly think she’s such a well written, thought out and rounded character and she adds so much to every episode. This time it feels like Asakusa has gotten too big for her boots and the constant fear of Kanamori has kind of left so we are seeing her lose complete control of a situation she’s always had a handle on and it’ll be interesting to see how she keeps it all from going belly up.

I’m not worried, I know the series will end on a high I’m just failing to see where it is going right now with probably the weakest episode I can remember.

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