The Millionaire Detective Balance : Unlimited : Love can do a lot, money can do everything

Episode 2

Ai wa Ooku Nashieru ga, Kane wa Subete o Nashieru” (愛は多くを成し得るが、金は全てを成し得る)

We have a hot action filled series about detectives and rich people. There could be nothing more fun I guess?

I really love the characters in this show. All of them, without exception.

Unlike many shows I’ve watched recently even the smallest of characters feels so much more fleshed out then they need to be. The drug dealing idol and the second in command of the mafia were never given super long reasons for why they were bad guys we just knew their crime and watched as Kato and Kanbe with help from others went about their business to try and solve a crime they accidentally stumbled upon.

Which helps so much that Kato and Kanbe whilst being so different are great characters.

Kato wanting to do things by the book who left the First Division after shooting and injuring someone and Kanbe who buys his way through life and acts cool the entire time.

Again it was action packed if  a little less then the first episode and whilst nothing much really happened, the detective work was interesting but not much to talk about and the actual crime itself was never really the main reason to do all this work and it was more just following one lead after the other, it was so much fun to watch.

It looks like the next episode might step up the odd couple feel to the show but right now they just exist and are different and it is enough. MORE then enough. Their small interactions or even really random things the two of them do together is enough to show us that odd couple chemistry without slapping us in the face. Kato does in this episode speak up about the differences in their characters but it isn’t the be all and end all, he doesn’t let it get in the way of him being professional and I like that.

I feel this show doesn’t even really need much more to it.

Weekly adventures, slowly getting to know the main characters and the overall tone of the show just staying the same and whilst it won’t be the greatest show this season it’ll be one of the most fun to watch.

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