Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : My Name

Episode 10

Watashi no Namae” (私の名前)

Of all the shows this is the one I really shouldn’t have taken a break from, it has been hard enough keeping on track with what is going on with it before a break let alone coming back to it four weeks later.

We’ll see if we can make sense of anything.

It never feels like the most accessible show to watch, even if you watch it every week it is hard to keep up but thankfully I think I got where we were pretty easily. In fact the last episode with Sana was probably one of the best ones so it was pretty easy to remember that we had just freed her from Endless Solitude but it is still kind of all over the place.

As always it is the visuals that make the show top tier.

I might not always know what is going on, it is easy to miss really important information at times and if you miss a few weeks and need to catch up it is hard to remember where you left off and what the importance of anything happening is but you always end up just in awe of how beautiful and weird the show looks.

It has kind of gone over my head how so many people ended up together happily living under the same roof but the visit to the mug shop was something else.

Not only that but this episode did well to kind of keep Sana’s character developing.

She didn’t just get saved and was happy to be saved, the problems that lead her to want to be in Endless Solitude are still there and she won’t just smile and be happy because others tell her to or have “saved” her, instead she kind of gets on as well as she can whilst being upset about losing the one place she had felt at home before returning to her actual home to say her final goodbyes.

It made much more sense then everyone else who kind of just got over everything all of a sudden because they needed to be happy and moving on with life. It is hard sometimes to remember that the main character is searching for her sister or that anyone else has any kind of problems whatsoever when it has turned into a slice of life with a few horror/action scenes thrown in around watching the girls just do stuff.

What it actually did was make you care more.

We actually got to see Sana as a different character and want to wish her better in the future. She instantly became one of the best characters just because she felt like she actually had a bit of life injected into her unlike the others who in a lot of ways come over as cookie cutter characters.

This entire story has actually been the strongest so far which I’m pretty happy about.

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