Infinite Dendrogram : The Movement on the Board

Episode 10

Banjō no Kōbō” (盤上の攻防)

We return to the world of Infinite Dendrogram and the final battles between Ray and his friends against Franklin and his croonies. Of course with a few episodes at hand the fights will no doubt last longer then usual which will be fun.

Unfortunately Marie and Veldorbell’s is just the starter and therefore is barely a fight.

That being said it was kind of interesting still. It gave us the reason why both were in Infinite Dendrogram before showing off Veldorbell’s talent which was super cool, I loved his mechanical orchestra and how deadly they seemed from the get go. Everything about the fight was impressive and it was just a shame that it ended so fast, specially when Marie realised that Veldorbell and herself were in the game for much the same reason.

It also seemed odd to give a character we barely know that kind of background before blasting him off for the rest of the season.

Of course the main course and desert are the battles between Rook and Hugo and Ray and Franklin, this episode set them both up whilst also giving us a look at just who Hugo is which was probably the most interesting backstory we got this episode.

He ended up being a French girl who escaped to Infinite Dendrogram after her abusive father drove her older sister out of the home.

Whilst it isn’t the most dramatic and sounds worse then it actually is it was a nice story to give Hugo and I think the first time we have a character that is totally different from their real life persona. It won’t do anything to change how cool the fight will be but it was nice to get told that Hugo’s character is based on his players need to be the knight in shining armour.

It also kind of reminds you that we see this story from Ray’s side and whilst we can judge Hugo and Franklin and what they are doing these nations are all at war and they obviously to some degree think what they are doing is right.

Hence Hugo still being able to act like he’s being a Knight in Shining armour when in actual fact he’s attacking a city and helping someone kidnap a Princess.

Ray only just gets to Franklin who has let loose one of his own creatures to attack the Royal Guard. There isn’t really anything to those two in this episode and as that is going to be the big fight for the season it makes sense to give us a glimpse of what Ray is going to have to deal with without actually spoiling any action.

Though it was nice to see Liliana again.

This series really did pick up since the arrival of Franklin and I have to say it has me hooked on how this is all going to end, specially as Ray doesn’t really have the strategic know how to fight and already is using up his big moves just to get through to the final fight.

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