Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Connected Cosmos [END]

Episode 12

Tsunagaru Uchū” (つながる宇宙)

We are at the end of the series, will the girls find their Asteroid?

Of course not and it was the saving grace that they didn’t.

This series always felt like it truly was meant to be about friendship, about learning to love the things your friends do and always moving towards your goal no matter what.

If they had found the Asteroid in the way that it would have happened I feel the series would have left a bad taste in my mouth.

As it is it actually ended up being perfect in the way it handled everything. Whilst I kind of hope that we didn’t have to have this entire story play out and they kept the series focused on the first year of the group I liked seeing them fail to find something but keep a positive attitude and come back and inject that positive feel back into the group once more.

Problem is the episode reminded me why I was disappointed.

It got so far off track with the relationship stuff that it was sad that by the end of the series it felt like we never really got a decent story with all the characters, it flashed back to different things from the series and reminded me of the good things it did whilst reminding me even more that the second half of the series just rushed everything along so we could get this ending.

Which was a nice ending.

Just I could have lived without it.

I guess they just had nothing else to show with the other characters and not enough material to make a second series, if it even got one, to let us play out the entire first year. If this episode was Monroe and Mikage leaving it would have been so much more emotional but I barely know the two new members of the group who then got pushed to one side for the characters in the challenge that I just didn’t care that much about the emotional goodbye.

That being said it kept that really sweet feel all the way through and it didn’t work because I just don’t get this type of cute.

I still love all the characters and it was nice not to have them fulfil their dream and know that they’ll continue to work hard the rest of their lives to find it. That was a kind of nice ending to it even if it meant we didn’t get to see that day.

After all the story of Mikage and Monroe was how hard they had to work for their dreams, or to even have a dream, so it only makes sense that this was used as a stepping stone for the girls and not the end of their journey together. Whilst Mira even said that they’d find a new dream if they did find one it was nice to know that dream lived on after the series ends.

I can live never seeing them find a Asteroid.

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