Gleipnir : I Wish I was Someone Else

Episode 4

Henshin Ganbō” (変身願望)

Hi, I’m back to complain some more about a show that I’m very worried about going forward. I would love to say that I see a bright light at the end of this tunnel but even the beginning of this one makes me worry that I’m just watching some fever dream of a perverted mind.

I get that anime can be weird, I watch enough of it to know this, but how I feel about it hasn’t changed from the last episode and if I’m honest I had even more problems with the beginning of this one.

Mainly my problem is they need to give us reason to care for Clair.

Her story isn’t enough for us to care for her.

Baring in mind this episode BEGINS with Kagaya’s head being ripped off. We are given ZERO emotional moments about Kagaya being beheaded because the emotional connection at that moment we’re meant to have is with Clair.

Oh and I’m aware I totally missed that Elena was Clair’s sister in the last episode, that was how bad I found it.

Whilst Clair was sitting there having a huge sad conversation with her sister about what happened and everything else I couldn’t help but think about that poor kid who was turned into a Monster by one sister and then constantly abused by the other for no reason. His head was just sat sadly by whilst two unlikeable characters had a conversation.

After all this we’re meant to believe Clair cares for Kagaya?

Or was that another thing I lost in the middle of all the terrible parts of the third episode?

They also just randomly walk into the guy who does all this and happily hands over a coin like it is nothing. They don’t really question anything or do anything and it just feels kind of stupid if I’m honest.

The whole alien thing was kind of meh, his back story was pretty meh, everything is pretty meh.

I did however like that Kagaya kept a scar on his neck in human form where his head was taken off in monster form. That was something I didn’t really expect from the absolute low standards of this series and whilst I once more blanked out for a few minutes here and there I did get that the guy was looking for 100 coins to offer them a great power which unites Clair and Kagaya to find them to stop people from wishing for something horrific.

Kinda too late for Clair to be a nice character or as close to one that she can be. I’m not even sure she’s changed that much other then realising that she should be nice to Kagaya.

Then Kagaya himself turned into a completely different character too. It just seemed weird.

I dunno when I start to catch up with other shows this might be the first to be dropped as there just is nothing at all interesting in this series.

It feels like one big reason to be pervy.

Also no one mentions the giant scar around Kagaya’s neck? Just that he isn’t wearing glasses and is acting weird? Come on……

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