Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Shining Star Challenge

Episode 11

Kiraboshi Charenji!” (きら星チャレンジ!)

In a way this series has become the biggest let down of the series and I’m not really that interested in the final two episodes but we’ll see what happens now that Ao basically has forced herself to join Mira on her adventure which… Also kind of felt weird having her be the one sent to the Shining Star Challenge over someone more knowledgeable about just about everything.

I get it, I really do. It is meant to be cute and I’m meant to be happy to see the two of them working towards their goal of finding a Asteroid but I just find it obnoxious.

Maybe I’m just too old for this type of cute now?

Maybe the world has taken its toll on me and I’m beyond help?

Personally I am just fed up of Ao and Mira in a show about the two of them.

To make sure things like this happen they had to speed up the anime, turning their backs on the rest of the cast and forcing their way into Summer of the second year by the end of the series. It is kind of depressing that it won’t take its time at all and the feel of being about a club and two people with a dream feels like it has fallen to the wayside and it is just all about Ao and Mira doing what they please when they feel like it.

Honestly, again I get it is meant to be cute, but in a competition like this there would have been at least one student who got very angry that even though they had to work hard and win a competition someone was just allowed to hang out and get the same benefits that they did for what reason?

Because they showed up on the day and wouldn’t leave?

Because they have a dream?

Nana is the most normal of all of them and whilst she’s a stick in the mud she’s right in that Ao doesn’t deserve praise or for the entire group to have bent over backwards to help her gate crash something she failed to get into but again, it is cute, so her mind needs to be changed on that.

When we actually get there it is pretty fun, Mira getting on with other people was as always a great thing to see and learning about the different things was something I didn’t think we’d get to see. It just felt cheap having Ao there at all and even being pulled into the action by the other people in the challenge when she shouldn’t have been there at all.

I didn’t hate it though.

I know I’m being a big grump but the series continues to be adorable and I don’t dislike the characters I just dislike the way the show ended up moving. It was fun to learn, it was nice to be in the company of all the characters we cared for and I loved some of the stupid things that the girls got up to but at the same time it just felt cheap.

Real cheap.

We didn’t even get a reason why Ao didn’t get in which would have been a nice character moment for her.

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