Kabukicho Sherlock : See you in Kabukicho! [END]

Episode 24

Kabukichō de aō” (歌舞伎町で会おう)

We are here, at the end of things for Sherlock. Will he find his answers or will he become the monster that Moriarty became?

There is so much I loved about the episode.

It worked in that dramatic aura whilst continuing to be weird and wonderful.

This episode kind of worked out as being the one where Sherlock had to finally come to terms with what had happened and who better to teach him that lesson then Moriarty himself? At first I was a little disappointed with how they seemed to have hand waved Moriarty being alive like they did with Watson but what we got was much more interesting then that.

Honestly the main brunt of this episode was a escape room type situation, it had wonderful music and was fun to see Watson and Sherlock work together to get out of it.

It didn’t FEEL like what we should have been watching but it just fit what this show was.

This all led to one of the saddest parts of the series so far, Sherlock finally opening up and talking about how he feels. How he feels like he should have been the one that helped Moriarty and that he couldn’t have told him how he filled the hole in his heart because he was just lucky. We see him talk about the things that mean the most to him including Moriarty and how he understood who he was and who he always had been.

Our final farewell to this universes Moriarty was a sad one but it was one that we really needed.

From the beginning he was the criminal master mind that the original always made him out to be but this show gave us a twist on that. It showed us that bad people are just people and that the paths we walk can take us to all different places. Sure there was something not quite right about Moriarty but he was still human and if something had gone right in his life at the right time like Sherlock meeting Watson then maybe he would have been saved from all this.

It ended up being a pretty chill finale which actually suited the series really well.

I got emotional at the end and was happy to see that life moved on and that Sherlock has gone from a bratty adult to actually maybe opening up a little.

As for the rest of the characters every single one of them was wonderful and whilst this episode had nothing to do with them it really talks of the strength of this series in making you care that the final scenes of the show where they are all together and there for each other whilst moving on with life were so powerful.

For me it was super important that they rallied behind Sherlock and that they all kind of came together in this way to fight the grief of their friend.

Plus wasn’t it nice to see them grieve over someone instead of acting like their friendship meant nothing? So often the bad guy will be thwarted and everyone turns their back on them but Moriarty was their friend and he was troubled, he might have done some horrific things but it doesn’t stop them having memories of a kinder and more normal 16 year old who helped them solve cases, made them laugh and was part of their weird dysfunctional family.

Together this bunch of random losers, weirdos and street kids came together and overcome their biggest adversary.

The loss of someone who they all loved.

Or you could watch it and just think that it is the normal crazy from the show which is fine because the show was crazy but that was why I liked it so much.

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