Gleipnir : Elena

Episode 3

Erena” (エレナ)

We’ve had two rather negative reviews so I thought I would try and find some positives to write about in this review.

I apologise if there are none.

There isn’t none of course.

Why I’m watching this is because under all the shitty stuff is actually some really interesting things.

This dude in the vending machine who is doing whatever it is he is doing to humans is fascinating. Not only is the imagery of him crawling out of the vending machine just amazing but he’s looking for these coins that can only be detected by the human eye and then gifting them things that end up turning them into Monsters.

Whilst the actual show itself is pretty ridiculous Kagaya is kind of a interesting mystery and I love the visuals of his costume Monster form as well as when she unzips his back him being empty inside.

Everything else just doesn’t work for me.

I guess yet.

Clair just isn’t a interesting character, she’s too much of a bitch and not enough of anything else and most of the point of her seems to be the sexual side of the series which I’m not interested in. We got a bunch of backstory stuff for her this episode but it really just went over my head because I just didn’t have any interest in her whatsoever.

Then Elena shows up.

She’s the one that wished for him to be like this but I have to be honest by this point my brain had zoned out.

Everything just seemed too much and the characters aren’t likeable enough for me to want to care for them. Clair’s entire story just bored me to tears and whilst I get that I’m meant to feel sorry for her I just don’t and I don’t think I ever will if I’m honest with you.

It might be the way that she was introduced, it might be the fact that she just doesn’t come over as someone to feel sorry for and that is horrible because her story is super sad but she’s just not a character I care a single iota for.

So her being in it all the time sucks.

She also in some ways is Kagaya’s entire personality because he doesn’t really have one. He’s a horny boy who is basically being raped in a strange way by someone who attempted to murder him for saving her life and maybe nearly raping her too.

Like I’m sorry if that sounds over the top but the imagery, the way they speak and everything else is just exactly that.

Sure there is consent for her to step into his empty shell but he’s been coerced into it and whilst her reasoning for wanting to fight Monsters and “understand” them to a point is fully understandable the way she’s gone about doing it is deplorable. She’s abusive to Kagaya and enters him in the most personal way with consent gained through force.

It is icky and the only reason I’m continuing with the series is I picked this first and I’m so far behind on everything else I’d rather complain about how icky this show is then give up on it now and just have nothing to show for this season.

I hope it gets better.

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