The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Tanzanite of Rebirth [END]

Tensei no Tanzanaito” (転生のタンザナイト)

We finally reach the end of the story when it comes to Seigi and Richard.

I very much doubt the episode will be interesting in any kind of way though.

Before I review the episode I just wanted to get something off my chest about this show, mainly because we no longer do the end of series reviews so try our best to wrap things up in the final episode.

This series was beautiful but it lacked any depth in character. Richard was a outstandingly beautiful character, the places we visited were gorgeous but everything felt samey other then that, even Seigi as a person looked the same as a million other faces we saw. I would say it was to point out just how beautiful Richard looked in comparison but then you think back to that woman who kept calling herself plain and/or ugly and remembering that her character model was pretty much the same as every other random female so it just felt lazy.

It was the same for the stories too.

They all felt half finished, building up to sloppy endings. None more then the main story of Richard himself and the over all story of Seigi, the Knight in Shining armour who kept being told he was too friendly for no reason.

This show had a lot of potential yet I feel that it just didn’t know what to do with itself and that made it a deeply boring experience all over.

That being said I’ll give this episode and the last one some credit.

They both managed to flesh out the characters better then 10 other episodes that I had to sit through. Or maybe nine, the exception being the first episode which was really interesting. It just came too late, it would have been nice to have had these moments scattered around the series and honestly? I think it could have done without the entire England plot.

I loved that they ended the series with Seigi figuring out who he is and the episode was pretty emotional and well thought out.

Was also kind of bare of anything important though.

We didn’t really get to see much of Seigi’s home life and he was always such a nice character and barely talked about his home life that his dad being a bad guy didn’t really mean much to the story. This entire character driven episode could have been just about anything and still came out the same, it was devoid of any real substance.

A nice way to end the series I guess?

Another thing I have to be thankful for is that it respected the characters. It didn’t just make Seigi gay because Richard was, it didn’t force Shoko for fall in love with Seigi when it is obvious she came over as being asexual and uninterested in romantic relationships. It told interesting enough stories about them as people but again it never really went into these developments which meant they were just empty moments in a series of empty moments.

Happy ending though?


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