Kabukico Sherlock : Everybody Be There At Eight

Episode 23

Hachi ji, zenin shūgōdayo” (8時、全員集合だよ)

The fall out to the Moriarty story hit hard in the last episode and with a title like this you can only feel that the way to save Sherlock from not only the predicament he is in but his own depression will be to bring everyone back together to help.

It was better then I thought it would be to be honest.

This episode wasn’t just the case of bringing everyone together but again it very much showed that all of these characters had connections to Sherlock and Moriarty and that whilst sure they live in a crazy world even they have their limitations and this was it.

With Sherlock the main suspect in killing off the last of the Prison escapees it is up to Watson to bring everyone together to find him and help him.

Just no one wants to.

That is because they just can’t get their head around what is going on and of course whilst they might deep down care for Sherlock he is strange and this whole situation is strange and no matter how bad Moriarty hurt them he was the sane one.

It was nice seeing them react in anger and indifference whilst hiding their true feelings and having to see Watson win them over. Not only that but in a way it was sad to think that this entire thing made them question their friendship. They all act like they aren’t friends and it takes the photo that Watson took to kind of shake that off of them.

In the end they came together to help Watson and Sherlock escape but what next?

Going into the finale and we’re in a strange place where it looks very much like Sherlock has killed a few of the escapees whilst we kind of know he hasn’t. He’s on the run, has threatened his brother in front of Lestrade and is the most wanted man around.

Has he finally been shaken awake by what happened this time or is he going to be no help?

I do like how they used this to cement just how much Watson means to him, with Irene in the last episode and seeing Watson take a bullet for Mycroft and in fact Sherlock himself it seems to have woken Sherlock up a little but what now? Is he going to continue to look for Moriarty or is there a new murderer taking advantage of everything?

Or indeed did Sherlock do all this and it will see everyone’s favourite annoyance end up behind bars himself?

We’ll find out in the finale.

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