Gleipnir : What it Means to Be Empty

Episode 2

Karappo no Imi” (空っぽの意味)

The first episode of this was kind of a trip, I’m continuing with it because there are parts of it that truly intrigued me but the rest of it was… Something else that is for sure.

Again it wobbled on a edge.

Learning about Hikawa and how she transformed and only went after Clair and Kagaya for the coin so she could change what had been done to her back was interesting but there were scenes like when she was looking for the coins just before hearing Clair talk about it where is was just needlessly sexual.

Not to mention Clair was still in her pants and a vest when they finally reappeared on screen.

There really is no need for the constant panty shots or characters that are barely dressed, it doesn’t add anything to the show and if it is something that is important to the plot with it being such a huge thing you’d think they would say.

Similarly when Clair gets inside Kagaya’s suit it was just overly sexualised, it was literally bordering on a metaphor for sex. The way she did it, the way she talked about it, it was all about sex but it wasn’t needed in any way. It detracted from what the moment was meant to be which was learning about Clair and how she feels about her life.

Why she then suddenly became perfectly capable of controlling Kagaya’s body in the Monster form or anything like that I don’t really know and it started to feel like the series might have jumped a few gears too high way too fast. We’ve had no time to get to know any of the characters that were fighting in this episode, everything turns into some shit about sex and Clair seems to be too well versed in what she had to do with Kagaya for me to truly believe she hadn’t had some experience with this kind of stuff before.

This all distracted from what could have been a pretty interesting fight and a show of the difference between Clair and Kagaya.

As she controlled him she was able to make his body kill Hikawa showing that she is ruthless in her ways and will do whatever it takes to take out Monsters whilst Kagaya was absolutely traumatised by the entire experience.

Thing is the characters don’t mesh well, the world isn’t explained well enough for Kagaya’s transformation or Clair’s personality to fit in and make sense. Whilst Kagaya is likeable he is far from a character you can base a series on being a pretty boring character and Clair has the opposite problem in that she’s a very colourful character but one you would rather stab in the face rather then find out more about.

Everything seems to be going so fast, everything is being done in a sexual way just for the sake of it and there is no real content to talk about.

It is just one long innuendo.

Not a clever or interesting one either.

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