The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Peridot of Blessing

Episode 11

 “Shukufuku no Peridotto” (祝福のペリドット)

I don’t mind telling people how disappointing I found this series but I’m here to finish it off and with the biggest story kind of over and the “sad” ending of the last episode being totally destroyed by the end of the same episode I don’t really know what they are planning on doing in the last two episodes.

We living in a world of coincidences now and I’m not too sure how I like that.

It was one of those stupid things where the way they structured this entire series and lay importance on certain things just makes everything really silly. For example after all the “drama” before this we finally learn about the tutor Chieko who looked after Richard when he went to live with his uncle and it just so happens she lives in the same city as they do now and Seigi bumps into her and randomly forces his help on her.

It was nice to learn more about Richards backstory that wasn’t over the top and boring like the rest of it but it was just too late for me to truly care in any kind of way.

Yeah it was nice that his aunt and uncle cared and his tutor looked after him. Her story and the troubles she and his mother Catherine went to just to look out for him was nice but it wasn’t important before this episode, it wasn’t a character point for him before this. Everything before this was about the stupid “he’s gay and he’s that and he’s this and other random things we don’t really care about really” so I just don’t care about Richard and his past anymore.

To be honest knowing we’ll learn about Seigi some more ALSO isn’t interesting either.

The series hasn’t been awful but it has been so all over the place that it is hard to muster much interest in stories that probably should have been shuffled earlier into the series and laid the ground for more dramatic stories like the one we just ended.

That being said I have to admit that this story was probably the strongest one so far. There was a great story, some fantastic characters and it ended on a high and felt finished. It was one of the only episodes that didn’t fall totally flat by the end of the episode which was super nice.

I just wish that it had this quality all the way through.

3 thoughts on “The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Peridot of Blessing”

  1. The adaptation is a disaster because they shoved 6 volumes into 12 episodes. They skipped from the end of volume 4 to the end of volume 5, which is why the transition from episode 10 to 11 is so awkward. Although, I also think they shouldn’t have animated episode 11 because there were many more important cases to do, like the one that would actually give the Tanimoto storyline some closure.

    Also, the scene at the end of 10 wasn’t meant to be a goodbye, it was more of a promise to stay together. Richard always planned on coming back.

    I agree that the last episode was one of the only ones done well. And even that one left out some parts important stuff.

    This messy adaptation caused people to misunderstand a lot of things but it’s probably just an advertisement for the novels anyway and it worked because I bought them.

    1. Thank you for the information!

      Honestly you can TELL that is what happened, it felt so oddly put together that it makes so much sense knowing that they skipped around and squeezed stuff in together.

      Would you recommend the novels? Whilst I didn’t enjoy the anime all that much I feel like there was a lot underneath the surface that I really could enjoy. I would be interested in jumping into the world more if the novels tell a better story.

      1. I highly recommend the novels. I wasn’t super into this show when I first started it but I gave the novels a shot and immediately fell in love. The characters are so much more fleshed out and Richard especially doesn’t come off as the stoic mentor type character he is in the anime. He actually has a personality.

        Also, the novel is told from Seigi’s POV, which means we get a lot more insight into him and his family situation from the beginning. There’s a lot of things that didn’t make sense in the anime because they never showed us Seigi’s thoughts but what he is thinking is often the most important part.

        There were also a lot of interesting topics that in some of the cases the anime skipped such as drug smuggling, the Japanese settlement in the Dominican Republic, a story about an Indian girl who had half of her face destroyed in an acid attack by her husband. The author did a lot of research and covers these topics well.

        Unfortunately, there isn’t an official English translation yet so if you can read Japanese or Chinese, you’re out of luck.

        I don’t know how you feel about fan translations but there is one in progress. Only 1 volume has been translated so far but just in that first volume alone, there are quite a few differences from the anime

        There is also a manga, which follows the novel a lot more closely than the anime did but only a few chapters are out so far.

        Let me know if you have any more questions.

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