Kabukicho Sherlock : The Thread Where We Talk About Yeast

Episode 22

Isutokin nitsuite kataru sure” (イースト菌について語るスレ)

This show has always been absolutely bonkers even in its more serious moments and this episode we see them tackle a very serious problem in a very funny way.

It is obviously time to explore the impact that Moriarty’s death has had on everyone.

By simply removing everyone from the picture they kind of showed it without having to show us everyone’s actual grieving. One small scene where Hudson explains to Irene that everyone left after what happened was enough to show the enormity of the hole left in their lives.

So the spotlight turns to Sherlock.

Now you can say what you want about this episode but I feel in its own way it really showed the horrifying depths of depression that someone like Sherlock could fall into. It wasn’t just that he lost one of his best friends, he actually lost two and one of them had turned out to be a mass murderer whilst the other abandoned him.

We got to learn more about Watson so him walking out on Sherlock made sense.

Even Irene coming back was actually a wonderful way of showing the severity of it all. Whilst you might think her running after a naked Sherlock wasn’t a great story it kind of was, you have to take the kooky nature of the show into consideration and see the story they were actually telling.

Which was that Sherlock couldn’t process what had happened.

It was kind of trying to tell us that it would drive him to be Moriarty. Not having that voice of reason like Watson, the stress and horror of what happened, it all ended up turning him into something that Moriarty kind of wanted him to be but what we know Sherlock isn’t.

Whether or not that becomes a bigger thing in the next few episodes I don’t know but the end of the episode instead of being joyous because of Watson finally getting out of his own head and reuniting with his friend ended up being nightmare fuel as Sherlock looks to have become what no one wanted him to be whilst trying to save a innocent person from a serial killer.

I do like how they have kept it open for Moriarty to still be alive. The body hasn’t been found and there are hints that maybe something else is going on and for sure Sherlock thinks there is but at the same time it’ll be easy to just have him dead in the end as well.

For me it tackled the obvious emotional torture that Sherlock is going through perfectly, balancing really stupid scenes out with some truly sad ones like when Irene was bathing him or just before that when he was basically talking to Moriarty in the park they first met in kind of begging him to come out. Or maybe it wasn’t Moriarty but himself, maybe that crazy side to him was begging for the real Sherlock to appear. Even Watson’s story was so sad and in the style of the show was shown in a much more serious manner even if he had turned to writing about Sherlock but had named them all bakers.

Personally I would say it was one of the best episodes we’ve seen.

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