VOD : Cuphead // First Isle and not much raging

We here with a new VOD from Twitch with a play through of the first isle of Cuphead…

I actually honestly thought that I was going to do a lot worse in this game. 2 hours to complete the first round of bosses and levels isn’t too bad specially as I kept looking away to read the chat at the worst times, had troubles figuring out what buttons I wanted to have do what and then gave up and got a controller…

It wasn’t that bad.

I plan on finishing this AFTER I get my webcam which is on its way mainly because I can’t always concentrate on talking so it’ll be more funny to see my reactions then the silence I ended up having for most of it.

As always join us on Twitch, we affiliate now! Always a fun time to hang with the gang.


And we have our Discord so come hang in Discord!


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