Pet : Rainbow [END]

Episode 13

Niji” ()

This is it.

Can the Pets finally break free of the hand that grips them in fear and anger or are they destined to kill each other in this sick game the Company loves to play with them. Is the era of Babies truly going to begin or can someone save Tsukasa?

The wounds the Company created ran deep in every character this series has introduced us to.

Just pawns in some cruel game.

Tools to be used when needed.

Katsuragi had his memories of the love of his life, Lianlian, erased after she died giving birth to their child, Jin, and then dying to the hands of his daughter was so sad. I never thought I would feel that bad for Katuragi but here I am so upset at what happened to him.

Not only that but Tsukasa decided he would rather be Crushed then live with what he did to Mr Hayashi, this is right after what he did to Satoru who then used all the confusion and death to escape with Hiroki.

We saw every little thing that brought Tsukasa to where he was the day he decided to end it all, we saw the effect that had on Hiroki as well as the effect that Hayashi had on Satoru and we saw the two of them standing in the reality of Hayashi’s peak full of determination to bring Tsukasa, Meiling and Hayashi here, to the place that proves that they can change their destiny.

Does that mean that there will be a second series?

In a way I hope so.

This left the series in a good place if there never is another episode but it also left us with a lot of stories we want to see move forward.

From what Jin said at the end it looks like they might have put Long in Tsukasa’s empty shell somehow which would be interesting if true, or maybe Jin being in the state she’s in just means they’ve made her believe the body of Tsukasa was Long and want her help in making him the person they want him to be.

Heck it might not be Tsukasa, one of the biggest flaws of this series is so many of the character models looked the same and it is easy to get lost when a lot of background characters are about because they tend to look too similar to most of the cast, specially Tsukasa who really was just generic dark haired boy.

Not only that but if Satoru and Hiroki are working together can they be stopped?

One of the biggest stories in this series was the two of them were super over powered in this world, they both had strong images and whilst their locks might have been weak they both have seen how strong Tsukasa’s was and how he did it. If they go to war with the Company to bring those that have had their lives destroyed by them to this place where they believe they can be free will anyone be able to stop them?

In their attempts to break them and Crush them they actually made them stronger, Satoru has better control over his image whilst Hiroki learnt a big secret from Tsukasa.

Not only that if that IS the body of Tsukasa regardless of the mind inside it surely the backdoor left in Satoru is still active.

It is just such a giant, devastating plot point to leave dangling and I believe if there is more to this series it is something that could very much come into play in the war between these two and the Company.

Either way this series ended on much more of a high note then it started.

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