ID : Invaded : Channeled II (END)

Episode 13

Finally we will see a end to one of the most patchy series we’ve had this season. I doubt the question is ever going to be how they beat John Walker but if they ever explain what any of this truly is about.

I have to give them that the Wells have been one of the best parts of the show and starting off with Walker and Narihisago in a Well with a giant baby sat in a bath of blood kind of did get me super into the episode.

Which saved the episode a little but shows that the show could have done so much better but didn’t.

Visually it did its job, story telling wise it slowed down what actually was a super fast paced story telling experience to tell the most boring of stories they had going for them. Not that John Walker didn’t end up being cooler then you would imagine but it would have been nice to have got to know the Chief more before hand or even just learnt more about John Walker beforehand instead of basically fighting a shadow in human form.

It was better then I thought it would be but still not as good as you would have hoped earlier in the season.

Narihisago and Hondomachi against Walker was interesting enough, seeing them trap him in a Well inside a Well was as good a ending we were ever going to get with that story seeing that he was dead anyway at that point and just inside the Wells. As for Kiki her knowing that she was a threat and therefore wanting to be trapped inside as well was kind of fitting yet sad.

Thing is neither of these characters really had any depth to them.

Even when they tried to develop Kiki as a character I felt the story was way too complicated and all over the place, plus how much are we meant to believe a Well within a Well in a world that never took place? It is hard to care for Kiki when you just don’t feel any of her character was explained in any way that makes her work as a character.

Then again Momoki kind of saved that part of the story.

He is one of the rare characters I actually liked in the series even though he himself didn’t have much more development other then being the boss and friends with most of the main characters. His interactions with Kiki weren’t really much more then him promising to save her and doing her biding but it was still the best part of the entire episode by far.

With it all said and done the ending was a bit on the anticlimactic side with things being covered up and the general idea of jumping into ID Wells continuing afterwards even though the entire thing is kind of marked with what happened.

As I said it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

It could have been much more then it was but what we got wasn’t all that bad.

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