BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out my Defence : Defence and Bonds [END]

Episode 12

Bōgyo Tokka to Tsunagari.” (防御特化とつながり。)

Payne got a good hit on Maple in the last episode but we all know she’ll come bouncing back to win it is just how she does it that we need to see and with a title like Defence and Bonds you can’t help but feel it’ll be a group win.

I really, really don’t like the Mecha suit.

I’m sorry but it just isn’t a great addition to the show.

As I said before it kind of goes very much against her character and what she built it to be, it also feels quite weird to see all these super cool characters who use swords and magic and then Maple just brings out a gun or a bunch of summons.

It was obvious in the final episode of a feel good show that the main character wasn’t going to lose but the way she won was cheap.

Sure it is the way it was written but it was never that interesting when she went off and just lucked into super OP skills, it meant that the entire Guild is pretty useless and it also ended the fight way too early for my liking. Not only that but it continued to show that the Guild was pretty useless after working hard to tell us they are all OP in their own ways.

Who cares when Maple is on the rampage in Atrocity form though?

Not only that but the fight against Holy Sword was over way too early. I know it stretched over two episodes but it hardly showed off the Holy Sword or actually felt like it built any kind of drama leading up to Payne being defeated. It was all just about Maple being OP.

The message at the end of the episode and end of series seems to be that this game was broken and Maple was the only player able to bend the rules and find all the secrets which made her OP but they aren’t going to nerf her or do anything to reign her in because in her own way she has become a Final Boss for new players who are signing up just because of her.

Which is fair I guess.

Just that wasn’t really the story I wanted to see and whilst that means nothing in the long run it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

It went from being cute to seeing the main character just become a monster.

Quite literally.

There isn’t anything else you’d want to see from this series if it ever returned because it would all be about who could beat Maple first and what I enjoyed about the series was the complete opposite. It was about the joy of playing games with friends and meeting new people, exploring worlds and putting yourself out there to learn new things.

Now it is basically about another OP character in a anime being OP.

That isn’t to say I disliked the series as a whole or even this episode, it was a fun episode and the characters are amazing. The setting is fun and whilst I feel like to some point the feeling of it morphed in the wrong way it still has great moments and at the heart of it the entire group whether from Maple Tree or other Guilds are still just people having fun.

I just wish the whole point of the show wasn’t that Maple was OP and something else.

It is what it is though.

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