Pet : Carrier Pigeon

Episode 12

Denshobato” (伝書鳩)

Hiroki is caught in a door, Satoru is caught in a web of lies and Tsukasa is caught up in his own anger and hatred.

The Pets have been put on the playing field to fight, which side wins?

Who dies?

So this episode is the breaking point for most of the characters.

Tsukasa is a good actor and is able to manipulate both Hiroki and Satoru even after Satoru gets warned from a message Hayashi left him about Tsukasa and the possibility that he has been brainwashed and to be careful with him.

That is probably what makes Tsukasa the most dangerous of all characters.

He is hard to read because his mind is a mess. His Lock is probably so strong because he’s so weak and I don’t mean that he made it strong because of his weakness but because he’s strengthened it with feelings and emotions that he just shouldn’t be projecting on the people he does project it on.

Hiroki believes that Tsukasa is being used because he is a good Pet and therefore believes in his Master no matter what whilst Satoru is a nice person so believes in the best of Tsukasa when it comes to his feelings on Mr Hayashi.

To be fair both aren’t too far from the truth.

What both fail to see is that the deep rooted torture that Tsukasa’s life has been has made him somewhat of a emotional minefield.

Did he truly want to crush Hayashi? Probably not. Did he do it for the Company? 100% not. Does he really know what he is doing, who he is lashing out on or what he believes? This episode shows that the answer to all of those is no.

It is like the Company striped his entire personality and character away from him and replaced it with a void that he filled with anger.

Anger at Hayashi for abandoning him like the Company told him he did, angry at Satoru for being his replacement like the Company told him he was, angry at the Company for beating him at his own game, angry at the world for not accepting him…

There were some simply amazing moments in this episode where it was hard to read what was really going on in Tsukasa’s mind.

Sure he’s happy that he is closer to destroying Satoru but at the same time his reaction to being told by someone else, someone pure and who had that connection to Hayashi himself, that his mentor truly cared for him shows that deep down the boy that was saved from being a organ donation and nothing else is still there. Someone who is horrified by what he has done, someone terrified of what could happen.

His need to save Hiroki has little to do with wanting a Pet but more to do with it being the first torture free relationship he has had.

No one has their fingers all over that relationship, the Company can’t turn Hiroki on Tsukasa and Tsukasa can’t be turned on him. It is the one pure thing in his life that might right now cause him pain but hadn’t up till this point. The Company couldn’t take Hiroki away from him and he plans on making sure they never do.

Deep down there is still that kid that just wants to be loved but the rage that the Company have filled him with takes over.

I really loved that this episode kind of definitively showed us what happened with Hayashi and Tsukasa, it spelt it out in black and white. There was no personal feelings added to it, we didn’t have anyone else interfere, it wasn’t a story filled with lies. It was just the truth of the matter.

What happens now is kind of down to whether Hiroki can break Tsukasa free of the torture the Company have spent his entire life making sure he holds onto.

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