ID : Invaded : Channeled

Episode 12

We’re nearly at the end of the series and what we are faced with is a story I’m not all that interested in continuing to be dragged out for as many episodes as possible.

Where is the true story of Narihisago?

Can’t we get a butt load of more information and interaction with Fukuda?

Who cares about John Walker really?

I don’t know I feel a little at a loss with this episode.

I feel like I followed it well enough but I also feel like it was over complicated for the sake of it. Kiki being able to put people to sleep, the death of Hayaseura whose consciousness was left in the Mizuhanome so that he can skip from well to well and continue his work in there and just about everything else was just too much.

This has always been the problem though.

They seemed to have focused on the worst part of the story for way too long just to then have us need to run along with the story at a million miles a hour to keep up with this story.

That isn’t to say the episode itself was awful.

Seeing them all jumping into various different Serial Killer ID Wells was interesting but it was also kind of overdone. Having Narihisago, Hondomachi and Fukuda all in there makes sense, having everyone else in them and Walker skipping through different ones and even the stupid music number in the middle of the episode just seemed totally over the top.

It was just a bit of a mess.

Add that in with the actual residents of the ID Wells being in there, the death of Fukuda and Momoki just being out of prison and on his way to confront Kiki and I don’t really know what to say about this episode other then it is obviously hoping that we care enough about this fight against John Walker that the finale will blow us away.

In fact in many ways with Walker floating around gloating about everything and everyone else running around a maze like structure it is kind of reminding me of a overblown Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts boss battle.

You get all excited to get to that final boss just to realise the journey there was more interesting then the boss ever could be.

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