Dorohedoro : Let’s Meet At The Snack Stall

Episode 11

Yatai de Ai Mashou” (屋台で逢いましょう)

Nikaido is now partners with En, Fujita wants to leave the family and Caiman is being Caiman somewhere out there now equipped with a snack stall on its way to En’s.

Life can’t get any better for these characters obviously.

Can we just spend this entire time talking about Pieman?

To get into En’s castle Caiman continues to work with Tanba joining him on his stall to get in. To bypass security he dresses as Pieman apparently Tanba’s wife. Seeing Caiman run around the place this episode dressed in female clothes, with boobs and a pie on his head was something I never even thought would happen but it did.

Whilst that and the fight of the pie shops were really great parts of the episode I guess it was more important learning about En’s past and why he wanted Nikaido as a partner in the first place.

It turns out he had a run in with the guy who was cutting people’s heads off and he wanted to find out what happened to that guy in the end, Nikaido being able to manipulate time means that he would be able to once and for all find out how his story ended the night he turned a place into mushroom city. It was weird learning about En and made me want mushrooms really badly but it once more just made me side with him more.

He just doesn’t feel like a bad guy anymore.

Sure he isn’t a good guy but this world has shown that there aren’t really that many good guys and you just kind of have to side with the team you believe in best and En isn’t all that bad.

Well sure he is but he also isn’t.

After all that drama though to see him come under Asuka’s spell in the pie competition when she was firing out magic to get the boys under her control was hilarious. The fact that the second the magic ran out and he tried one of Tanba’s pies he just instantly gave him the win had me crying with laughter.

I have to say Shin and Noi are probably my favourite characters but En comes a close second to the duo.

We have quite the ending though as Caiman runs in to save Nikaido just for her to tell him that she wants to stay close to En, why that is we’ll have to wait and see but it was a very dramatic end to the episode in such a quiet and sensitive way.

Oh and the episode began with Shin not killing the Professor and in fact having Noi use her magic to make everyone better again and Fujita seemingly just giving up as more of Caiman’s people are let off the hook due to reasons. Just reasons. Whether you think they are good or not is up to you. Just reasons.

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