BOFURI : I Don’t Want Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out my Defence : Defence and Mighty Foe

Episode 11

Bōgyo Tokka to Kyōteki.” (防御特化と強敵。)

We have the Fire Emperors going up against Maple, mainly lets face it, can Maple defeat one of the biggest Guilds in the game?

It was best put by Mii I believe herself.

This is absurd.

Don’t get me wrong I really liked that they showed off Mii and her groups skills and to be fair it wasn’t like Maple had it all her own way, she was totally defeated until her ridiculous mecha form was brought out. We all know by now that I do not like that she got this form as she didn’t need to be even more powerful then she already was but it at least gave us something other then a giant flex on Maples side.

Thing is to a point I feel like it is totally out of Maple’s character too.

Her mecha form is all about attack and she was meant to be all about defence, she happily attacked everyone full out in her Machine God form without even a second thought. Her character isn’t as cute or care free as it used to be and I didn’t really like that kind of transformation. She’s just kind of come over competitive and very much about beating people and kind of about showing off. She’s so fast to flash out one of her OP forms and instead of backing off just does whatever it is she wants to do.

I don’t like it.

Mii was such a interesting character. Like the two sides of her personality are so different. You have the Mii that doesn’t want to be in charge of a Guild then when she’s there facing trouble she’s the biggest badass there is.

The only positive is that she didn’t get their orb.

There were plenty of cool moments in the episode thought but it all really built up to Maple vs Payne.

It as kind of nice that there was someone for everyone to fight in a way. Of course Maple Tree as a entire Guild vs the very best of Holy Sword was a little off balance but as a group it was interesting to see how they all fought each other.

Of course whilst all the other fights were going on it was all about Payne vs Maple and he actually got the best hit so far on Maple taking her HP all the way down which was the cliffhanger to the episode. Of course Maple isn’t going to be down and out from that one hit but it was a great way to end the penultimate episode honestly.

In a way I really don’t want to see Payne lose, not because I dislike Maple because I don’t. I don’t like that she is OP and I have a few things I dislike about her attitude and things like that but overall I quite enjoy her as a character.

That being said sometimes it is nice to see someone fall and get back up and we have never seen Maple fall.

Her nearly being defeated isn’t going to be enough. I don’t know what the show has planned in the future but it would be nice to see it end with her losing in battle but not so much losing in general, Maple Tree only wants to break into the top 10 so seeing them do that would be more then enough, having Maple become the strongest player just is a boring thing to have happen unless it is more a group effort that saves the day and not more of Maples OP bullcrap.

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