Pet : Reunion

Episode 11

Saikai” (再会)

It has been a while, as it has been for everything on here, but we’re back to the plots and backstabbing of Pet as everyone sets Satoru on Hiroki to crush him after he ran away.

Meiling is probably the saddest part of this entire series.

Whilst the lives of the Pets and those that we have already met are sad enough a child that was created without a lock is even more depressing. Her entire life is that to be a tool and even when she isn’t being used by the Company to crush people she is used as a pawn in this episode to manipulate Satoru into crushing Hiroki.

Her presence in any scene is heart breaking.

This entire episode just showed how far reaching all this hatred and backstabbing goes.

As Tsukasa puts Hiroki’s life on the line by agreeing to get Satoru to crush him he is also plotting on using that as the moment he will crush Satoru. All because the company made Hayashi choose between two kids and Tsukasa wasn’t the kid that he picked.

We also get to see the level of manipulation they will go to. Changing Katsuragi’s memories, using Meiling like some kind of waiting room, telling people important information about their own powers only when it is of use to them. There is nothing they won’t do to get Hiroki, of Tsukasa won’t do to get Satoru, it feels like some kind of sick game for them all and characters like Meiling, Hiroki and Satoru are the very real victims that are being created.

This series kind of went down a path I never thought it would and it gets darker and scarier as it goes on. These characters are very understandable, the true villains of the piece are able to manipulate their Pets into believing they have free will to the point that I don’t think Tsukasa is aware that there is probably someone watching him a lot more closely then he thinks. It is like some sick game that people like Long are playing and whilst Long himself seems to be wary of Tsukasa so far every time Tsukasa thinks he’s won in some small way he gets beaten.

For the sake of Satoru I do hope that they thwart him because Satoru does not deserve the hatred poured onto him by Tsukasa.

With all that said I still can’t believe that Hiroki is probably the best character in the series.

Even when he isn’t in the show that much his scenes now are the most important, watching how strong he is on his own and how he is able to hide from the Company by making a couple believe he isn’t really there and living beside them is actually pretty scary in itself but not only that the emotional turmoil as he has to be the first Pet to kind of break free from the bonds that the Company force on the Pets to make them well behaved is a fight you can get behind.

You know at the end of the day if there is any way that Satoru and Meiling are going to be saved it’ll be down to Hiroki and I really believe that he’s going to do it.

Even though the episode ended with him caught up in one of Satoru’s doors…

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