ID : Invaded : Stormed

Episode 11

Narihisago is in some trouble, he is in his own ID Well and he’s sseen John Walker in the storm brewing as it slowly collapses.

What is this going to do for Narihisago?

Sometimes this show is really interesting, other times it is really confusing and sometimes the worst thing about this entire show is that they never truly let anything breath or develop so the story gets blurry.

I’ve said it multiple times that John Walker has never been the most interesting of villains mainly because they never truly built him up.

He appeared here and now, he was a threat that we never really got explained other then he was always in these ID Wells and now we’re meant to care about him and the threat that he shows.

Thing is characters like Fukuda are super amazing.

We got a double dose of him this episode as Narihisago tells him that he knows that he suffers from arithmomania, a OCD that leaves him suffering from the strong need to count their actions or objects around them. We then got the other Fukuda from the past but in the deeper well with Hondomachi. Both versions of him was just fantastic and learning about him and why he drilled a hole in his head.

Away from that we even had a interesting story with the investigation team trying to find out why they had sent the three Detectives into Narihisago’s ID Well rather then Momoki’s.

Seeing the Detectives work, seeing them actually work things out and uncover all sorts of mysteries is actually the best part of the show.

Unfortunately the actual villain and the fight they are currently battling just isn’t the kind of story you would imagine them ending with. Everything had been so cool up until now and at this point we have what?

The Chief of police is John Walker, he has Kiki suspended in some secret base and setting her loose in some way?

It just isn’t that interesting especially as you could kind of guess that after they arrested Momoki who was very obviously innocent. It was just another character that we don’t really know and don’t really care about as well as another character we barely know or care about being pulled back into it.

This is probably also a good bye to the actual interesting ID Well visits because after all now we’re after a real person do we really need to be jumping into them?

It just all fell a little bit flat honestly which is a shame. Some of this show has been amazing and we’ve had so many really cool moments but this episode just felt like a drag. There was so much information that we were being drip fed that could have been given to us in the last two episodes, in fact the last two episodes just feel more and more pointless and what should be the dramatic end to a half decent show is starting to be drawn out much longer then it should be.

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