Dorohedoro : Lonely Caiman // Before Nightmare // Manju Terror

Episode 10

Ronrī Kaiman” (ロンリー・カイマン) // Naitomea Bifō” (ナイトメア・ビフォー) // “Manjū Kowai” (まんじゅうコワイ)

This was one of my favourite series this season so it kind of sucks that I fell behind on it. We have three episodes to go and more fun with all our favourite oddballs!

It still makes me laugh every time that Caiman wakes up with a pillow stuck to his head and I don’t think it ever will stop making me laugh.

Seeing the gang finally sign their contracts was super interesting, I liked the whole opening up their chests and signing a part of them and putting it back in stuff was that weirdly gruesome yet amazing imagery that I have grown to love about this series.

There is this weird way this show feels like it isn’t doing very much whilst giving you a lot to watch at the same time.

Caiman managed to find out a little about everything after being taken to one of the people with crosses on their eyes and even has a in to go get Nikaido from En’s place but whilst I loved everything about what was happening with him other then that I can’t really tell you more about it.

Similarly Nikaido and the Professor were both captured, Nikaido was forced to become En’s partner and Noi and Shin were bad ass as always but I couldn’t really tell you much more on their behalf either.

That being said it continued to just be crazy all the time.

All the Nikaido stuff seemed to happen in a blur if I’m honest with you which was a shame, it kind of is the style of the show anyway but it felt like we never really got to actually feel the impact that one of the characters had basically been kidnapped and forced into a world she doesn’t want to be in.

Do I think this is her fate forever?

Of course not, even with Caiman on his way to rescue her I don’t want to downplay her abilities because I honestly think she’d probably be better off trying to escape at some point on her own. There were just too many camera lingers on her whilst En was explaining that if you have a contract with someone you can control them for me to fully believe that she’s definitely a damsel in distress right now.

Maybe I’m wrong but I like to think she’d have a trick up her sleeve if Caiman couldn’t save her.

Then you have Fujita and Ebisu who continue to be adorable together. I really feel for Fujita who has been doing everything he’s done this series just to avenge his friend, when he finally gets one of the people who were behind his death that person becomes untouchable due to being En’s partner and it hits him hard. His relationship with Ebisu is still so pure even though they aren’t exactly great humans and I kind of want to see if he does run away from the family with Ebisu at some point.

It was another cool episode which is pretty much what I say about every episode.

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