VOD : The Wolf Among Us // Episode 1 ~We a BIG BAD WOLF BOI NOW~ Also… Update kinda

So as you all know I stream a few times a week over on Twitch and last week we did a giant stream streaming the first 4 episodes of The Wolf Among Us, we did then finish the final episode during the week but I recorded them all separately so they are in easy to view bite sized chunks.

Here is Episode 1 where we decide what kind of Wolfie we gonna be.

Not only that but to reach affiliate we needed 50 followers on Twitch, we are currently at 43! I never really thought I would reach affiliate status and right now I’m so close yet still in some ways so far so if you have Twitch and want to help us out please go follow me over there!


As for the Update….

I feel like I keep posting updates then not doing anything and there is a reason for that.

Ever since I was ill I’ve struggled to keep my attention on anything for any length of time. Whilst I can stream because I have people in my chat talking to me or at the heart of it I’m just playing a game when it comes to paying attention to TV or writing I’ve struggled a whole bunch.

I have done batches of reviews and edits in the last week or so it is just hard to concentrate and get things finished.

In fact it is so bad I struggle to even stay awake for long periods of time. Whether it is because of my depression, anxiety or just getting over being ill I have been napping quite a bunch which isn’t helpful at all.

Again I don’t mean for the streaming to ever take away from the writing but my mental health has been pretty poor for a number of months, even before isolation and all that kicked in, and it is just easier to focus on something that I don’t have to put as much effort into unlike writing.

That being said we are slowly making our way through reviews and have a few ready to be sent out next week, we are eyeing up what series we want to start and hoping to have them running throughout the end part of next week as well. All the movie reviews and things like that which I worked on when I didn’t have a laptop will also soon see the light of day.

It is just very hard sometimes to sit down and focus.

One last thing is we also have a Discord now! OK right now it is mainly to do with the streams but we would love more people to join, if we get many interested in anime we might branch the anime section off into its own thing! So join us over there too!


Talk to us!

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