Somali and the Forest Spirit : Meetings and Bonds Prayed For

Episode 8

Inori Kataru Deai to Kizuna” (祈り語る出会いと絆)

This is it, this is the episode where we find out what happened to turn the humans and monsters against each other and it is just as sad as you might expect it to be.

We learn the story of Feodora, a Witch who crash landed on a Human island. There, living in relative peace, were Humans who looked up to a Golem as some sort of deity. That being said he was the only non-Human life form they would accept.

It was one of those stories where Feodora was able to live in peace with them pretending to be Human but even though she did them no harm, they loved her like one of their own and she even saved Miya, a young girl that she befriended, the story ended with the Humans hating her when they found out she wasn’t one of them.

Feodora’s story in many ways was the story of Somali and Golem.

Haraiso, the Golem on the Human Island, very much looked after her the way that Golem is to Somali. His lessons for her were that Humans were cowardly and feared the unknown, whilst it didn’t make them good people it didn’t make them bad people either. Similarly whilst on their journey knowing the danger that Somali is in Golem never teaches her that the Monsters are to be feared but that their fear of her will make them do bad things.

This adds to my thought that in some way this entire story will end up circling around and being about bringing the two sides together.

One thing this episode really hit home was how this series never drops a beat.

It would be so easy to have half hearted the story of how this fight between the two sides happened, to make one side the bad guys and the other the good guys. It would have been so easy to balls it up and have it be the “weak” part of the series.

They didn’t though.

Everything about this episode stuck to what we’ve slowly been learning which is that Humans and Monsters are pretty much the same. They react impulsively and fear that which they do not understand. Humans seem to have the unique lifestyle of not mixing with another species before so fear all that come at them, even those in Human form.

Feodora didn’t write the book about this encounter knowing that spreading word on the Humans would bring fear and lead to what inevitably happened, it was Isolde Nebsolv that wrote the book and this episode ends with her death, her happy death as she finally met a human that loves the Monster world as much as they do.

It was also one of the most beautiful deaths as she turned into millions of butterflies and scattered across the world.

Somali and the Forest Spirit continues to only tell the highest quality of story. It wrings every tiny bit of emotion from you even in the most simple of episodes. A character whose only purpose is to be on screen to tell a simplistic character for less then a entire episode will mean the world to you by the end of their story and actual emotions will be squeezed out as you try to come to terms with the story that is being told.

There is a silver lining though.

I feel like whilst the ending will be bittersweet it will still be sweet instead of depressing beyond words. THAT at least is starting to make me feel a whole bunch better.

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