Plunderer : Plunderer

Episode 9

Purandara” (プランダラ)

This has to be one of the most frustrating series I’ve watched in a long time and this episode once more shows exactly why it is so frustrating.

So far it has been nothing more then badly made sex jokes, characters who don’t really have much of a character and concepts that are interesting but never really given much more then a simple beginners explanation.

Suddenly we have a freakin’ helicopter showing up out of the pit that drags those in negative numbers down into, we learn that Licht was a Colonel and see him end up a cold blooded killer and we even see Jail getting shot. So many cool things happened but the series has already used up all of the goodwill most people were willing to give it just being a bland mesh of nothingness for 9 episodes.

There was so much to love about this episode but we’ve already had people tell us that they’ve given up on the series and the beginning story just went on way too long and made the show out to be something completely different.

We had the fight with the helicopter that made Licht and Jail work together, that was one hell of a action scene and I really enjoyed it. Jail being shot was perfectly played and the introduction of the Ace of Pursuit, Sonohara Mizuka, really turned the tide of the series in one event.

Her whole purpose was to make Licht the cold blooded killer he obviously once was, yes that stupid guy apparently was a killer who didn’t care for anyone back in the day and possibly actually is whoever old it is that people keep telling him he can’t be. He lets most of the taunts and threats go until she tries to kill a kid in front of him.

Whilst all of this series has been over the place I think this one scene might be the best thing in the entire run.

Watching as Licht tries to tell the kid not to worry and the kid just not caring and screaming for his mother was great. Too often the hero giving the big speech would make the kid shut up and take his fate with a icy cold coolness but this kid just acted the way a kid would and the hope fading from Licht’s face as he realised he couldn’t help and he also couldn’t make someone feel better was amazing.

Unfortunately it was too late for this and the only thing that we really take from this other then the fact that this series could have been this cool from the beginning is that Licht is the Ace Plunderer as he will conquer everything in the world and make it his.

I’m sure that would have been cool at some point prior to this.

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