Kabukicho Sherlock : Not Breathing

Episode 21

Taei” (絶入)

With such a dramatic end to the last episode it is time to find out just how the detectives are going to get out of the predicament that Moriarty has put them in.

I think this episode was pretty weak if I’m honest with you.

It didn’t bother to build up any tension surrounding what happened to Watson at all and just had him wander back onto the screen like nothing happened, everything was hand waved away and I feel like that was really disappointing.

Whilst it didn’t have to be a huge thing it would have been nice to have been a little more important but it just wasn’t.

Watson is one of the most important characters and his death, for many reasons, was super important to not only the actual series itself but the story of Sherlock. Moriarty himself just doesn’t seem fazed and we don’t even really get a flashback to what was going on we just got the explanation like we were dumb for not seeing it ourselves.

It was another very wordy episode, everything had to have a super long explanation for absolutely everything and whilst the story of Moriarty is a interesting one and finding out everything we can about him is something I very much enjoyed it just felt too long winded. I don’t think there was any way not to have it that way but it just was too much for two episodes in a row.

That being said away from those three the rest of the cast had a pretty strong outing, they are a eccentric bunch themselves and when they have a task in hand they go about it in the strangest yet most fun of ways.

I did find it a bit of a stretch that no one had told the police not to use Albert’s full name though and therefore basically killing him when they read him his rights. For a bunch of really smart people that seems like a stupid fact not to be telling the police or for the police not to have conveyed to each other if they knew.

This series has been a really fun series and with only a handful of episodes to go it was kind of nice that maybe the main story is over with so we can just get some fun adventures out of the way.

Moriarty’s jump off the building was such a beautiful way to end the episode too, everything about his character was amazing other then how much he ended up talking about himself nearer the end. In some ways the wordiness of it kind of killed all the drama that had been built up throughout the series and whilst you were always waiting for him to turn, because Moriarty needs to be Sherlock’s biggest threat, it was just killed by talking.

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