Infinite Dendrogram : The Beginning of Madness

Episode 9

Kyōen no Hajimari” (狂宴の始まり)

This series finally actually seems to be going somewhere! With the Dryfe Imperium now attacking it is time for those lower then Rank 50 to show their stuff and save the city.

I am actually really impressed with this episode, it was a filler episode that set up everyone for fights with Franklin’s side but it never felt that way.

For a show that was so bland and plain throughout it suddenly got a whole lot more interesting and it never felt like this episode was a filler episode, it literally had more action, development and interesting moments then most of the rest of the series put together.

Maybe it helped that this episode took the focus from Ray and put it on Marie.

We find out a lot about her as well as her relationship with the Princess that has been kidnapped before throwing her into a fight with one of the coolest bad guys we’ve seen so far.

Who would have thought that Marie was a Superior? She’s the Superior Killer apparently and she’s going to be going up against the King of Orchestra, Superior of Conductors, Keldorbell.

That fight looks like it’ll be amazing.

That focus change was a nice breath of fresh air, I had enough of Ray being this OP character and the focus being off of the game itself and whilst the focus is still off the game and more focused on something that you can easily forget isn’t a real life situation giving us someone else to follow and learning that they too are capable of doing great things was kind of needed.

They haven’t done enough to make us care about Ray. Personally I don’t care who he is or what he does but I actually managed to be super interested in Marie over the last two episodes.

I can’t really believe I’m saying that I’m looking forward to watching the next episode honestly.

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