I’m back!

Hey guys!

You know what I’ve always said, if I can have something go wrong at the worst time I’ll have something go wrong at the worst time and that is what happened to me on April 1st.

There I was overnight, minding my own business and downloading the new Mount & Blade game when suddenly everything went wrong. In the end at 2am something had managed to corrupt my D drive (which was the major drive for my laptop) and as I was fixing it the entire OS just got deleted. I was crying let me tell you that and in the end had to splash out for a new PC.

Yes you heard it right I’ve actually gone and got myself a desktop instead of replacing it with a laptop.

I did ask the others to write something so you all knew what was happening but none of them wanted to… Thanks guys…

As of a hour ago my new PC arrived, I’ve got it all set up and I’m even going to stream for a little bit to see how this thing holds up.

Reviews, randomness and everything else will resume over the weekend as we have to get a lot of things done and ready for the new season of anime. I also haven’t been sat twiddling my thumbs, with no access to a computer I found myself more motivated to do things so every movie I’ve watched I’ve reviewed in my notebook to be transferred onto the site ASAP.

Hope you have all been well!

If any of you are free then feel free to pop along in about 10 minutes to https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89 we will be playing Marbles which is a interactive Twitch game we can all play along with. We are currently extremely close to our goal of 50 followers (we’re on 33) so come give us a follow!

One thought on “I’m back!”

  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your laptop. I try to keep a desktop as my primary and a laptop (an older one) as a backup. I can’t imagine being without a system!

    Other World Computing (MacSales.com) have used Macs for sales with a decent warranty. Not sure if you prefer Windows or Mac, though…

    Anyway, glad to see you’ll be posting again!

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