The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : The Lapis Lazuli of Guidance

Episode 10

The story of Richard comes to a end, how does he get out of the awful situation that he is currently in?

Personally I just feel like this entire thing was super silly.

Like most of the series so far the ending is super weak and even more stupid.

Confirmation of Richard being gay was poor, the entire scene with Seigi basically coming out as knowing that Richard is gay without actually ever being told this was poorly written and never truly had a decent ending. The reason that Richard’s brothers wanted Seigi out in England was to marry HIM off to Richard because English Housewife = Asian Civil Partnership apparently which made even less sense.

Even Richard’s brothers were just sad.

It was obvious they all liked each other and their greed for the diamond just didn’t make any sense in relation to their actual feelings to Richard.

They literally spied on him to find his boyfriend to get him “married” in a nice way instead of forcing him to marry a woman. Now it was still a dickish thing to do but it showed a lot more care then their actions seemed to show in the beginning.

There is just not a single thing in this episode that mattered.

It turned out that the diamond was actually a sapphire, the grandfather never hated his son, the family had been racist but most had been wiped out in the blitz so the “punishment” that the inheritance had meant to be was passed down to family who didn’t deserve it. Seigi gets told off for acting with his heart and not his head, once more, before they swap their most precious jewels, the Sapphire and Seigi’s grandmothers ring, saying they would swap it back next time they meet. THEN Richard says they never will because as long as they don’t and they have the others jewel then it was a promise that they would.


They do.

There wouldn’t be a finale to the series if they didn’t.

In fact they are reunited at the end of this episode.

So that was a thing.

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