The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : The Alexandrite’s Secret

Episode 9

Arekisandoraito no Himegoto” (アレキサンドライトの秘めごと)

So we’re going away to chase after Richard who has disappeared?

Well he hasn’t he’s gone and told Seigi to not follow him, it seems a bit pointless and none of this series has lead me anywhere close to caring about this.

This episode was just a information dump on Richard and why he is back in England.

This is going to be a really short review mainly because of how dumb the entire thing kind of ended up being.

So it confirms in the most lackluster way that Richard is gay.

Were we meant to be surprised? Were we meant to care?

Most of what we learnt was just English snobbery, upper class problems that showed that Richard and his entire family have the wrong priorities. Richard has to come back and marry a English Housewife to gain the inheritance because he gets it for having a mother born closest to England. It was the most ridiculous thing ever.

They never come out and openly say “but he’s gay” but I feel like we’re meant to feel sorry for him when in actuality Richard doesn’t need to get the inheritance or marry anyone.

It was nice to learn more about Richard I guess, it was interesting to see his family but just the mere fact that Seigi chased after his boss and had to be told the most private things about him felt totally off.

This entire series has been about Seigi being too nosy, getting involved in others businesses and Richard not liking it yet here we are with Seigi chasing him half way across the world and acting like this entire thing is life and death when it couldn’t be further from being even mildly important.

I just can’t even pretend to care a single bit about this entire affair.

It is a very old fashioned story that they never bothered to actually give us a reason to care about.

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