Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun : Mitsuba

Episode 8

Mitsuba” (ミツバ)

So who is this person that Kou has come face to face with? A ghost that shouts about sexual harassment and revenge porn? What is happening in the world right now?

This turned out to be one of my favourite episodes.

Kou was a great character to focus on and his relationship with Mitsuba throughout the episode was fascinating.

He is a hot head and his entire life seems to have been focused on training him to dislike all spirits and want to destroy them all but he isn’t his family and he is slowly learning that the spirits of the school are much more then dangerous beings that need to be destroyed.

Enter Mitsuba.

Turns out that Mitsuba is a kid that used to go to school with Kou, in fact Kou was the first person he really ever talked to but because he was a cocky little shit and very girly in personality he slowly got lost in the crowd and was lonely. It seems that he committed suicide and after turning into a spirit had his wish of being noticed granted by Tsukasa.

For as much as Hanako might “grant” the wishes of the living Tsukasa “grants” the wishes of the dead.

Both are just as bad as the other but at least Hanako tires to teach lessons whilst Tsukasa is actually rather nasty and after he gets annoyed at Mitsuba turns him into a nightmare that unfortunately Hanako had to kill to keep the rest of the school safe.

This show has always been dripped in horror aspects but spaced very nicely in between the beautiful aesthetic and comedy. In a way this episode kept that balance but it really hit home that behind all the funny stuff and all the cute things going on this show is about spirits being turned evil and deadly by others. Mitsuba wasn’t evil, he didn’t want to harm people he just wanted to be noticed and when he did get noticed instead of being left alone the “bad guys” of the story turned him into a dangerous threat that had to be killed.

His actual nightmare form was terrifying.

Watching him be turned was heartbreaking.

Everything about this episode hit home just how well this entire series has been presented to us.

In one small episode we had a new character who we fell in love with and cared for, we felt hurt when he got hurt and it broke our hearts seeing how one of our main characters got hurt losing this character. There are some series that haven’t even made us care this much about a main character let alone make us care about whether good things happen to them or not.

What it is that Tsukasa is up to we don’t know but this has seemingly strengthened Kou’s resolve into being the opposite of his brother.

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