The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : The Angel’s Aquamarine

Episode 8

Tenshi no Akuamarin” (天使のアクアマリン)

This show continues to be a confusion of ideas thrown together so what is the most confusing thing that they could do in this episode?

Give us a weird engagement episode that shoves a character from the second episode in and enters us into the big story of who Richard is…. Badly.

Who truly remembered Homura from the second episode?

He was the guy who was engaged to the lesbian and had his heart broken… Kind of.

Well he is back and in the weirdest twist this season he’s having a engagement meeting with Shoko which obviously upsets Seigi. Nothing about this story actually was particularly engaging though, the relationship between Seigi and Shoko has kind of been cold and pointless up till now, she’s a character that kind of just shows up to give us a female face that isn’t a damsel in distress and that shakes up the Seigi/Richard dynamic. We know that Seigi has a crush but he hasn’t done anything to get her attention so who cares?

Why did it have to be Homura?

Also I’m not really sure what Shoko’s story is!

This series seems to be very open with its characters and Shoko comes over as being asexual/aromantic, not really that into having a relationship or understanding them but there was a lasting feeling that whilst that was what her words kind of lead us to believe that Seigi is still going to work on making her fall in love with her.

I just don’t know.

None of the characters are particularly interesting, engaging or the kind of character you want to care for so this entire series has become a little… Pointless.

Once again most people seem to get up on Seigi’s back for no real reason as well. So what he didn’t tell the person he fancies he likes them? Sure he had no reason to get upset but that doesn’t mean that he needed to be talked down on by everyone.

It was nice to have the conversation with Richard though about his past experience with romance but I feel like this is going to lead to something even more silly and I don’t truly care. He has now buggered off somewhere and left Seigi on his own, why Seigi is so upset I don’t know. Nothing really makes that much sense overall and I’m kind of fed up of trying to figure it out.

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