Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Rain with Occasional Fortune

Episode 10

Ame Tokidoki Uranai” (雨ときどき占い)

I have not been impressed with the second half of this season and the last few episodes have actually been pretty bland and upsetting for me so going forward is there a little ray of sunshine for me?

Probably not.

We do have two new members, one of which is Sakura’s sister, and we did add a Meteorologist to the group.

Problem is that the stories can be so very weak in this series. Even the main story of Mira and Ao wanting to find a asteroid is a pretty weak story at this point, they come back to it with the competition they both want to enter with Mira being the one that actually gets a place in the competition with a more heartfelt plead to enter it then Ao’s probably more scientific one but Ao just goes with them anyway so it all feels a little pointless.

We did get a bit of a spotlight on the two new characters or at least Nana but it wasn’t enough to really care. Nana herself is kind of interesting but too much as well, she wants the club to focus on the important things in life because of her past experience with a flood and wanting to be a Meteorologist to stop disasters from happening in the future but she doesn’t really actually bring much to the table other then sulking and moaning.

Even her story of her aunt and the flood feels like it was done with in seconds and might not feature anymore.

Chika is just a mini version of her older sister.

There really is only that to say about it.

It was a super weird episode because it felt like the beginning of a series with fresh faces and people to get to know when in reality we only don’t know two of the characters. The lack of care and attention on growing the actual main characters was made so much more obvious in this episode when we kind of knew their main traits but still were very unsure of what the heck they really were going to do.

This was truly one of the series I was most excited for and now I honestly am not sure if I like it or not.

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