Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : True Feelings

Episode 9

Hontō no Kimochi” (本当の気持ち)

We are only 9 episodes in and here we are moving forward into their second year. It seems a bit of a rush but is it worth it?



I feel a little bit cheated, and boy am I feeling that so much in this series, of bonds and connections between Monroe and Sakura with the rest of the group. It rushed through this year and barely scraped the surface of those two characters and now we kind of have to care for things like Monroe wondering whether or not she actually enjoyed being the president of the club.

Honestly I would have liked to have seen more of that in the series.

Monroe has been a fun character but the problem is that of ALL the characters she’s had the least amount of development and story. She’s been in the background as a thorn in Sakura’s side or the one taking photos. We got the story of her wanting to be a astronaut but that was about all the development she’s had.

Now we get this really sweet story that came out of nowhere about her not being sure of how much she enjoyed being in the group just to find out that they took a bunch of photos of her smiling so she decides she must have enjoyed it.

Fine, I get that, but at the same time I feel like it should have been a story that was shown or else just left alone completely.

This series feels like it flew by and it makes no sense that we’re at this point in the series and already saying goodbye to two members of the group. I could have done with a bunch more time with this group if I’m honest and some of the fire of the season has been dampened with this move.

Not only that but this episode was the embodiment of the unfocused nature of this series.

We had four stories which included the Monroe one.

Obviously we had to deal with the where will Ao live stuff which again was kind of hand waved away a little bit. They went to their parents and their parents were just kind of happy, it then led to the end story of Ao and Mira having their first argument over Mira being too forceful when Ao was moving in which was just not needed either.

Again if the characters had been given time to develop then the story would have made more sense but as it is we don’t really know any of the characters and it took me to this episode to realise that and realise that they aren’t bothering to actually let us get to know them either.

This is it.

This is what we get for all of them and we’re already moving on to new characters.

Before I forget though the fourth story was Sakura making chocolates for everyone with the help of Suzu which was cute and the best part of the episode.

It really feels like a waste of potential. I’m sad that we have to say goodbye to two characters, technically three as Mira’s sister sets off to uni too, all of whom we could have got to know a whole bunch more. It is pretty sad honestly.

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