Inside No. 9 : The Stakeout

Episode 6

We hit the finale finally!

This season has been better then every other and we end on a chilling final note when we just chill on a stakeout with two police officers in Car No.9. What mysteries wait for them in Stakeout?

Of course spoilers ahead!

EDIT : Amanda got this review done in plenty good time, it is totally my fault this review is so late. I apologise to Amanda and to everyone ~ Anna 

At no point in this episode did I know where this story was leading.

Most episodes you can kind of get the just of what is happening, some I guess more then others, and after such a compelling and wonderful penultimate episode I didn’t think we’d get something that had a twist that was so crazy and unexpected like in this one.

At first the focus was very much on Thompson and his past.

His former partner died and he is obviously struggling with that reality. His new partner, a PCSO called Varney, is not only way too friendly but also the exact opposite of Thompson. It comes off as a sweet odd couple story with Varney slowly getting through to Thompson as he comes to terms with the fact that he can’t do anything about the death of his partner.

Never did I imagine that we were living in a Vampire filled world.

As always the writing was so very clever that they sprinkled in so many clues that when you look back it was OBVIOUS that Varney was a Vampire. He only got in the car after being invited in for example and he was super against the curry that Thompson had in his car.

Yet you never expected it. There was never a moment I had a light switch on in my head and I went “ahh he’ll be a vampire” because it would sound like such a strange twist.

When the twist happened though it was so natural and so good.

I had been sitting there waiting to find out how Varney died, it was literally what I was focused on thinking that this was going to be heartbreaking or that Thompson was going to lose his mind and kill him or turn out to be a serial killer that had killed his partner.

This was the episode I truly look forward to every season, the one that is just Shearsmith and Pemberton on their own to show their immense talent in not just writing but performing. The two of them give yet another masterclass as they keep your attention on them the entire time, in such a short amount of time they make you care so much about their two characters that you have a genuine reaction to the ending of the episode. You want Thompson to get better, you want them to be friends and when the reality sets in it shocks you.

They always have one episode a season where it is just them two and they are always some of the best episodes. It shouldn’t surprise anyone really that two men who have been working together for so long have such great chemistry but I do genuinely find it amazing that every season they can come up with a different and fantastical story to tell and tell it so well.

I can’t really tell you whether this was my favourite episode of the season or not but it was one hell of a way to end the season off.

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