Infinite Dendrogram : Clash of the Superiors

Episode 8

Superioru Gekitotsu” ( 超級激突)

The series is changing it up a bit and instead of constantly showing us how over powered Ray is we are getting to see a few different things happening which I’m excited for.

The Clash of the Superiors ended up being the thing we really needed.

Not only was it fun watching other people do stuff in general but it was that reminder that they are in a video game that I enjoyed. I get that video games can be life and death in a way, you get really into the game and put a lot of effort into winning battles and stuff and losing can be a pain, you even get attached to characters and don’t want them to die on you. That being said it has been tiring watching the same basic story with Ray and having it hit home that he is more empathetic to the NPCs and Embryos in the game world which makes him special.

Therefore seeing Xunyu and Figaro go all out with no one sitting there all worried about them in fact it being more like a sports event in the normal world where Shu sat and calmly explained what was happening, the arena set up and how the two people’s Embryo’s work was super cool.

As for the fight it was actually amazing.

Xunyu comes over as possibly being a little kid playing, the whispered to Ray after he tried to start a fight with them and it sounded very much like a little kid, their power is terrifying which would make them even more terrifying if they were a kid with such a strong and horrifying ability. Figaro on the other hand was cool and collected, he kind of just knew he wasn’t going to lose and therefore didn’t, it makes you kind of wonder just what Shu has up his sleeve if he is on the same basic level as Figaro and Xunyu.

This all was the prelude to Dr Flamingo showing up and us finding out that he is actually Dr. Franklin, the Giga Professor, a Superior from the Dryfe Imperium.

Not only was the fight really cool but the build up to whatever it is that the Dryfe Imperium is up to was amazing. The series has turned from being pretty bland to actually being super exciting. We have two Superiors who probably have no strength left to battle what is happening, I don’t know if Xunyu is actually in some way connected to Franklin but I don’t think they are, we have Shu who is hiding his power and level and now we have a crazy guy causing all sorts of havoc.

Honestly can’t wait to see how this plays out.

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