Pet : Broken Fish Tanks

Episode 10

Kowareta suisō” (壊れた水槽)

With Hiroki kind of knowing the truth it is time for him to come face to face with the man he once thought he knew so well.

It was actually the perfect episode.

For a moment I thought that Hiroki was going to go along with Tsukasa and be fooled, I also thought that Tsukasa was going to blame everything on Satoru and try to lie to Hiroki. It was nice seeing that Tsukasa was so full of himself that he for a start thought he would be able to talk Hiroki around and secondly then be strong enough to just change all of Hiroki’s memories and make him obedient.

Monologues are always the downfall of Villains.

This in a way was the downfall of Tsukasa. Or at least us getting to see descend into madness.

I don’t think there was any doubt in his mind that Hiroki was so obedient that he would just go along with everything he was told but when we got flashbacks of how Tsukasa “raised” Hiroki we can see why.

His bond is the same as anyone who was given their Peak to their Peak giver.

You can see the pain Tsukasa went through crushing Hayashi even if he looked like he was enjoying it, there is obvious turmoil in this boys head and he truly is conflicted deep down by it.

Did he want to do it?

Yes of course.

Does that mean he truly wanted Hayashi to be gone forever?

Who knows. I don’t think he even knows that answer.

That being said where Tsukasa differs from Hiroki and Hiroki differs from everyone else is that to a extent Tsukasa treated Hiroki like a little brother. He didn’t tame him to be a Pet because first he wasn’t good enough to do so, second he didn’t truly want to and third there must be a part of him deep down that just wanted a nice connection and he got that.

Hiroki isn’t a Pet in the same way that the others are.

In some ways I don’t think Satoru is truly a Pet yet either though I feel like they are slowly manipulating him to become one fully.

They are just kids that want families and Hayashi was the guy that picked Satoru and Tsukasa up out of hell and gave them a life and now they don’t just want that life back with him but with others.

I loved everything about Hiroki in this episode and I can’t wait to see what happens with him next.

Best scene was Tsukasa and Long talking, the crazier Tsukasa got the more I worried for everyone’s sake. It was a wild episode truly.

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