BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out my Defense : Defense and Fourth Event

Episode 9

Bōgyo Tokka to Daiyonkai Ibento.” (防御特化と第四回イベント。)

After a episode that upset me a little this one came back to restore my faith in the series. With the start of the Fourth Event we finally get to see what everyone is capable of.

Maybe not so much with the Guild just yet but with the other Guilds too.

We think that Maple is a monster there are others that are just as monstrous and not only that some of them have hidden personalities I can’t wait to explore.

The Fourth Event ends up being a defend the base type game, you go steal orbs bring them back and get points for however long you can keep yours safe as well as for keeping others in your base for a certain amount of time. As we already know there are some huge Guilds and some tiny ones so points are different for each sizing to make it fairer on the smaller Guilds which is a nice little touch that will also make it easier for Maple Tree to keep up with the big boys.

Not that they really needed it.

Whilst the first half of the episode was really a whole bunch of nothing, maybe so that they didn’t drag out the beginning part of the Event which was perfect in length and where they ended it in this episode, it also didn’t inspire anything whatsoever.

When we got to the event it was much more Sally that shone then anyone else.

Sure we got to see just how OP Maple is again when she turned herself into her angel form and protected the entire Guild from damage whilst they were being raided but the episode let Sally shine with her speed, quick thinking and ruthlessness.

Even the first half the only thing worth mentioning was Sally and Frederica battling each other.

We didn’t really get to see much of the fight but what we did see was that the two of them are very much matched when it comes to brains and overall view point on stuff.

Sally gave out false information on her skills to Frederica whilst Frederica gave out only the information she really wanted to in return.

It was a interesting battle and seeing Frederica and the rest of the Order of the Holy Sword go at it in the Event really made them the Guild to worry most about. Specially when we see the Flame Orders leader break down after failing to chase down Sally.

In fact the Order of the Holy Sword is just so freakin’ cool.

Specially with a member amongst them who never shows his face. I mean OK I’m being a little sarcastic with that, I mean what is with that in general? But I really enjoyed watching the carnage they bring out and it is obvious they will be the Guild that gives Maple Tree a run for their money.

Such a improvement from the last episode, I really enjoyed seeing them all go at it.

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