Pet : The Way the Wind Blows

Episode 9

Kaze no Michi” (風の道)

In a surprising turn of events Pet has its best episode to date. The wind is definitely turning and maybe not in the direction we first thought.

Who really believed that was the last we would see of Hayashi?

With Tsukasa having to be rushed away and it being left to Long to clean up it wasn’t a surprise that Hayashi’s body showed up again in this episode. Sadly my prediction that somehow he would be saved and Tsukasa would get some help didn’t come true.


Instead the most unlikely person found his body and that unlikely person was Hiroki!

This is what made the episode so good.

Finally we got to see the bigger picture. We’d glimpsed at it but the series is so wordy I think it failed to really hit home some of the things we needed. We could tell that Tsukasa wasn’t all he seemed and we knew that Hiroki was the product of whatever it was that Tsukasa was up to.

Now Tsukasa’s world is about to crumble.

For a start his plans have been put to one side and he has to improvise after the Company called his bluff. His belief is that Hiroki is going to be loyal to him so no matter what the Company asks he’ll still have control of Hiroki but he doesn’t know Hiroki went exploring on his own and figured out that Tsukasa was given his peak by Hayashi and then crushed Hayashi.

The Company want him nowhere near Satoru, warning him away but also threatening to tell Satoru that Tsukasa was the one to crush Hayashi.

Nothing that Tsukasa wanted to happen is happening right now and it makes for a interesting story.

So far we’ve kind of seen him making his way towards his goal, finally seeing him stumble and being reminded that he is just a kid that got screwed up by this screwy system and is trying to get revenge on those that hurt him even if his hurt is misplaced and he’s just trying to hurt innocent people is sad.

You actually feel a little sad for Tsukasa.

Sure much of what is happening is his own fault, most of the bad things happening will be his fault and most of what is to come will be him trying to kill a innocent guy who just so happened to arrive on the scene and need help after Tsukasa but look at the world he lived in.

Look at what has happened to him.

Look at just the people he is involved with, the smarts they have to out think him and the walls they build around their employees.

Sure Tsukasa gets his title as son but he also now has to hand over his pet and his need to kill Satoru is known and Satoru is being taken away from him.

He’s a kid trying to hit out and by doing so he just copies the adults that raised him. He knew that they wanted Pets and the use of Pets so he made his own just he has grown fond of Hiroki no matter what he seems to think, Hiroki isn’t just his Pet but a friend even if he won’t admit it because he isn’t at heart like the others.

His need to make those who abandoned him or hurt him suffer overtakes what actually is just a broken and lonely boy that needed some stability and never got it.

That was what made this episode so strong.

For a change him and Hiroki were on form.

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