BOFURI : I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and Third Event

Episode 8

Bōgyo Tokka to Daisankai Ibento.” (防御特化と第三回イベント。)

It is time for the third event, the not so special one before the big fourth event that will utilize the entire Guild.

It was a episode that made me worry just a little bit.

I’ve liked this show so much because whilst Maple has been OP and that is half the joke we never got to that point where other characters were unimportant.

We finally got to that point.

To the point where we were going to the next floor and Maple defeated the boss leading up on her own without even breaking a sweat.

Not only that but this entire event was a event that Maple was meant to be bad at so instead of focusing on the others doing their thing and maybe Maple interacting with them and getting help with the event from them, the Cowvent which is a great name for it, she went off and not only had her own quest that made her OP but then when they landed on the next floor she went off AGAIN and did ANOTHER quest on her own that made her even MORE OP.

It has got to the point where it isn’t actually fun anymore.

I liked her interacting with others, I liked that her Guild all had their strengths and that we got to see them work together to be a good team. We’ll probably see that in the next event but this episode just went too much in Maple’s favour and I don’t like that she’s now super OP to the point that we don’t really need anyone else.

Also her just eating her way out of problems is kind of getting old now.

The boss fights were OK, I loved the Level 3 design which was more of a steampunk-ish, industrial city. It has a lot of potential and of course this is just one episode in a long line of really good ones. With the next event being a Guild one I’m sure that it’ll be much better and we’ll see the others shine but it seems a waste to have built the Guild and have a chance to get to know the characters well and then just focus on Maple becoming more and more OP by the second.

It was a little too unbalanced in this episode.

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