Pet : Intrigue

Episode 8

Sakubō” (策謀)

In some ways this show has grown into something I never thought it would, if I’m honest I wasn’t all that sure what it was going to be but this wasn’t what I thought it would be.

After the first episode I was sure the show was going to somehow go back to being about Satoru, he was the first person we met and he was hanging about in the shadows but neither Tsukasa or Hiroki were all that important. They suddenly became the main characters but there was always that lingering question of what is Satoru’s place in all this.

With the addition of Hayashi, the man who saved both Tsukasa and Satoru and the story of how being abandoned by Hayashi effected Tsukasa it just seems to have taken a much darker route then I thought possible.

Now Tsukasa is hellbent on crushing Satoru.

It isn’t good enough that he took down the man who abandoned him but now he wants to destroy the kid who took his place.

We are getting the picture of the amount of emotional torture he had to go through, how he built up his walls to become the kind of person who could stand up and try to force his way into the Company. He is crafty and he doesn’t come across as caring one way or the other what happens to himself or anyone else as long as he can get into Satoru’s Valley and crush him.

Thing is Hiroki deserves better and in some ways Tsukasa has become the person he hates the most. Of course I think he’s well aware he’s done it but Hiroki doesn’t deserve what is happening to him.

He’s being turned against Satoru when really the only people they have are each other. I feel this plan is going to fail mainly because Satoru seems perfectly aware that Hayashi isn’t coming back and holds onto hope because he’s scared, Tsukasa telling him that isn’t going to crush him as much as it might liberate him. Hiroki will stand by Tsukasa no matter what, they truly are just pets following their master, but if that means watching him try to crush Satoru and maybe even fail to do it then all that is going to happen is him getting confused and hurt too.

Tsukasa isn’t who he seems.

This show has been surprisingly decent all the way through and this episode in some ways tied up some confusing plot points for me to point us in the direction the series is truly going.

I also honestly don’t know how any of this is going to play out which is kind of nice. Its fun not really knowing what is going to happen!

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