Dorohedoro : Oh, Flower Smoke // Awesome Meat Pie // A Macabre Mushroom Appears!

Episode 9

Aa, “Hana Kemuri”” (嗚呼、『花煙』) // “Sutekina Mīto Pai” (すてきなミートパイ) // “Chin Kinoko Shutsugen!!” (珍キノコ出現!!)

Once again a whole bunch happened in this episode so excuse me if I don’t mention a great chunk of it whilst I tell you why this episode warmed my very soul.

Not only did the very long explanation of how Shin and Nio ended up together but a very different and much quieter moment where Ebisu shows that she was the one and only person who applied to be Fujita’s partner because the other one was himself.

Plus lots of silliness with Caiman.

I loved how they gave the time over not only to explain the relationship of Shin and Nio but to further develop En and the family a little too.

It was easy really seeing the story of Shin and Nio were part of it but it was funny finding out that En owned Ramen stores and that his mushrooms caused them to close after giving people food poisoning as well as the song that was the theme for the shops.

Of course the story I was waiting for was always that of Shin and Nio and it didn’t disappoint at all.

Honestly? It was a lot more wholesome then I thought. It involved beating each other up and of course Nio was who fixed up Shin’s arms for him but overall it was just a mutual respect that ended with guilt and friendship.

I liked learning that Nio was trying to become a devil and that she failed at the last moment because she used magic when she wasn’t meant too, Shin had tried to help her but got injured which is why she used her magic and he felt bad but she then became his understudy and with En’s suggestion they be partners the wonderful partnership we see now bloomed.

Of course neither of them were really hurt or “kidnapped” in the episode and the two are back to being their ridiculous selves which I love.

Fujita and Ebisu’s story was much smaller but sweet.

I kind of always wanted them two to pair up so seeing that happen and especially seeing it be Ebisu that asks for it was just nice.

Why are the Sorcerers so damn sweet?

If you took away the murdering, experimenting on normal humans and classism to a extent based on their powers you have a bunch of really sweet characters just doing their best to get on in the world.

I love them all.

Of course Caiman getting hungry and going for food, ending up dropping his food and being present when someone was turned into a giant pie was perfect for Caiman but right now his story isn’t super important and I’m OK with that.

Shin and Nio though?!

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