Pet : Revenge

Episode 7

Ribenji” (リベンジ)

The forgotten review! Here we stand at the crossroads of Pet as the story moves forward in a different direction.

We begun the episode a little differently with the focus being on Long and the Baby that Hayashi made, Meiling, showing the power of his Baby compared to the Pets. They actually came over as a true threat not only because Meiling doesn’t have emotions or the ability to do anything outside of people’s minds but because Long is just threatening.

Their plan is to make a businessman kill his grandfather.

It works perfectly as well.

I didn’t like the episode all that much, it was a lot of talking but that is to be expected. With Hayashi out of the way, most of the backstories and lore of the world explained it is time that the story ramped up in a different direction.

With that in mind I guess it was time that we learnt that the biggest threat is Tsukasa.

We didn’t really need that being told to us, Long who came over as a terrifying man to be up against is worried about Tsukasa after hearing that he was so close to Hayashi and yet at the drop of the hat would kill him and he has a right to be worried about him.

Of all the characters Tsukasa is a true mystery at times. Maybe mystery is the wrong word, the kid is messed up beyond words and now he’s out to make the world burn with him. He grew up in the most horrific way and was torn from the person who saved him, he was made to believe or made himself believe that actually the reason that his happy life was destroyed was because of Satoru so now he wants to make his life a misery which also meant making Hiroki a mindless pet.

He became the thing that destroyed him and it is hard to get a grasp on whether he is playing them at their game or that they are well aware of what he is up to and ready for him.

You’d have to think Tsukasa has the upper hand but I have a feeling this time out it isn’t that way.

You waited so long for this review and that is basically it. It was probably why the review was forgotten about, this episode was so forgettable and even on a second or third viewing it didn’t bring anything new to light that I cared for.

Visually it still continues to be a interesting show to watch. Meiling’s ability, her butterfly and everything were terrifying but beautiful.

On the other side we had some really weird moments like Long and Jin being naked on the boat whilst making the guy kill his grandfather. It managed to be threatening and kind of ridiculous at the same time, good work hiding all the peen though.

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